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Mesh Bee Firmware Project

Powerful tiny thing

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The Canvas

Here we created a magical ZigBee module - Mesh Bee.


MeshBee is a low-cost, community-supported zigbee wireless development platform for developers and hobbyists.It uses microchip JN516x from NXP that enables several different standards-based zigbee mesh networking which makes it more easy and cost-effective to integrate ZigBee functionality into target project.
MeshBee is the best choice to make your connected thing.

System Diagram

You can develop a stand-alone application in AUPS(Arduino user programming space). The user application consists of two arduino-style functions at the top level: setup & loop, which act just like arduino's. The latest firmware wraps the complicated ZigBee stack operation into a few easy-to-use serial commands, and drives Mesh Bee into a transparent serial communication node that can be part of a simple point-to-point connection or a complex mesh network. MeshBee has four basic mode: AT/MCU/DATA/API, you can choose one which meets your request best.


Main Roadmap:

This is a simple roadmap intended to give a basic understanding of the project's history for anyone who wants to follow us or contribute.
1. Handle ZigBee network formation
2. Configuration persistent when reboot
3. OTA support
4. AT commands to configure Mesh Bee
* Show node's information
* Whether re-form the network when power up
* Whether re-scan the network when power up
* Whether auto join network searched
* List all networks scanned
* Select a network to join
* Change the baud rate of UART1
* Broadcast or unicast
* Unicast destination address
* Sleep end device
5. DATA mode
6. API mode
7. MCU mode with AUPS(Arduino-ful user programming space).
8. End device supports cyclic Sleep mode
9. End device supports pin wake.
10. implement micro-RPC
11. More powerful API frame like XBee
12. Deep sleep mode
13. Cross platform configuration Tools(Configure MeshBee in a friendly way, generate API frame, monitor the network)


If you have any ideas or questions, need help, or are looking for collaborators, you'll find everything you need in our forums and in our community. Come join us. here. Click for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a feature idea or a bug here